Española (Hood) Island

Pta. Suárez

A relatively flat island, its rocks are among the oldest in the Archipelago. Some geologists describe this 60 Km2 island as the remains of an eroded archaic volcano. The vegetation corresponds to arid and transition zones. This rocky point of land sustains one of the most impressive and varied colonies of sea birds in Galapagos. Along its southern shore, steep cliffs rise up from the sea, for a spectacular view of soaring birds and the famous blowhole. A noisy colony of sea lions and curious mockingbirds greet us as we land on their beach. In season, we find waved albatross performing their unique mating ritual. You will meet a multitude of blue-footed boobies and masked boobies protecting eggs and young chicks. Endemic marine iguanas with unique traces of red and green soak up the heat from the sun.

Española (Hood) Island

Gardner Bay

ocated on the northeastern portion of Española, this is a good spot for swimming. On shore, we walk along the brilliant white, powdery-sand beach. This site is favored by sea turtles for nesting and sea lions for peaceful walks. Snorkeling is best done from the panga at Tortuga or Gardner Islet.

Some of the animals found here are the waved albatross, (there is a colony present April to November), blue-footed booby, masked booby, marine iguana, hood mockingbird, lava lizard, Galapagos dove, swallow-tailed gull, red-billed tropic bird, sea lion colonies, large cactus finch, sally lightfoot crab and Galapagos hawk.

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Christopher Scharf / 2017 USA:
2018-03-01, 14:17
The bear biologist you got for my trip has dropped me off at the airport hotel and my trip is done. It went perfect! I got the pictures I was hoping for and many more I didn’t even expect to get. The whole thing was awesome. Santiago was one of the best guides I ever had. Obviously he knew everything there was to know about the bears but also knew every bird we saw or heard plus he brought his camera and was as excited about it all as I was. I give him 10 stars out of a possible 5 stars. He did twice as good as could have been hoped for.

All the lodges and locations were also fantastic. Thank you for accommodating the one change I requested (to go to Bellavista). I do not have a … read more

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