Rabida (Jervis) Island

A small island (5 sqkm2) covered by dry and coastal vegetation that has a central volcano of 367 m2. Rabida contains the largest variety of lava types, red being the dominant color. Located off James Island. Rabida has the most diversified volcanic rocks of all the islands and is considered the geographic center of Galapagos. This dark red-colored beach is volcanic in origin. The trail leads to a salt-water lagoon, where we may find the great flamingo feeding. The mangrove at the far side of the lagoon is a nesting area for the brown pelican. After the walk, there is an excellent opportunity to snorkel.

Rabida (Jervis) Island

Also it is possible to find white-cheeked pintail ducks, sea lions, common stilt, palo santo and opuntia cactus.

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Adventure lovers will be keen to explore the Ecuadorian Amazon or to climb one of the country’s volcanoes. This tiny country packs a lot of punch and this travel guide can help you make the most of your trip.

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Christopher Scharf / 2017 USA:
2018-03-01, 14:17
The bear biologist you got for my trip has dropped me off at the airport hotel and my trip is done. It went perfect! I got the pictures I was hoping for and many more I didn’t even expect to get. The whole thing was awesome. Santiago was one of the best guides I ever had. Obviously he knew everything there was to know about the bears but also knew every bird we saw or heard plus he brought his camera and was as excited about it all as I was. I give him 10 stars out of a possible 5 stars. He did twice as good as could have been hoped for.

All the lodges and locations were also fantastic. Thank you for accommodating the one change I requested (to go to Bellavista). I do not have a … read more

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